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      creep-feed grinding,grinding,Norton,Cubitron?,Tyrolit Strato Ultra,force stress,dynamometers,grinding grains,cutting fluid,grinding wheels comparison,grinding wheels wear,Inconel 713 [1]
      crematorium [1]
      crematorium,cemetery,jablonec nad nisou [1]
      crematory,columbarium,obsequies,path,Hradec Králové,funeral [1]
      crematory,mourning hall,columbarium,necropolis,alive architecture [1]
      crew planning, duty period, flight duty period, window of circadian low, fatigue risk management system [1]
      Crew planning, Flight duty period, Duty period, Flight time and duty limitations, Fatigue [1]
      Crew planning,Flight duty period,Duty period,Flight time and duty limitations,Fatigue [1]
      CRI [2]
      crimes,youth,delinquency,prevention,Karlovy Vary region [1]
      Crimes,youth,drugs,criminal offense,prevention,legislation [1]
      CriminalAct,BLS (Basic Life Support),resuscitation,preparationfor the service [1]
      Criminality prediction, predictive policing, Data mining, Machine Learning, Supervised learning, Classification, Random Forest, Gradient Boosting Machines, Deep learning, Convolution neural net, Recurrent neural net. [1]
      Criminality,quality of life,crime prevention,criminal offence,sustainable development [1]
      Criminology,prevention,crime prevention,project "Safe City",videotraction,videoconference [1]
      crimp connection, analysis of mechanical properties, spacing [1]
      CRIS [1]
      crisis [2]
      crisis at an enterprise, crisis management, crisis procedure, financial analysis [1]
      crisis communication,Integrated Rescue System,multicultural communication,mass emergency,type activities,national minorities [1]