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      traffic management [3]
      traffic microsimulations [1]
      Traffic modelling, microsimulation, SUMO, GPS, simulated annealing, travel time. [1]
      Traffic noise [1]
      traffic noise, equivalent sound pressure level A, simulation of noise, CadnaA, protected outer space [1]
      traffic noise, roundabout, equivalent sound pressure level, noise measuring [1]
      Traffic Offence, Traffic Monitoring Systems, Car Speed Measurement, Red Light Violation Detection (RLVD), Road Security, Reliability of Systems [1]
      traffic organization [3]
      traffic organization, traffic survey, traffic safety inspection, public space, planning documentation [1]
      traffic organization,current situation,street corridor,30 km/h Zone,traffic calming,traffic surveys,traffic volumes,non-motorized traffic,traffic safety [1]
      traffic prediction [1]
      traffic research [1]
      traffic routing [1]
      traffic safety [4]
      traffic safety inspection [1]
      traffic safety measures [2]
      Traffic safety policy, legislation, road users , characteristic of Denmark and the Czech Republic, psychology of road users, the relationship between the road users, education, awareness, prevention, traffic campaigns, marked pedestrian crossing, unmarked pedestrian crossing, road signs, optical measures, physical measures, signalized pedestrian crossings, light conditions, accessibility for disabled users, school guard. [1]
      traffic safety, roads, traffic accidents, crossroads, roundabouts, tempo 30, local roads, traffic surveys, analysis of crossroads, elements to reduce accidents, dividing islands, Trutnov [1]
      Traffic safety, speed measuring, car accident [1]
      traffic safety, through road, traffic accidents, traffic survey, pedestrians, cyclists, level intersection, traffic calming [1]