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      This final project deals with principle of blue screen matting methods and basic features that need to be respected as lighting, color backdrop or clothing to achieve a natural result. There is described the principle of the virtual studio and use of the alpha parameter. In the third part are the basics of color spaces RGB and HSV lab. The last chapter deals with cluster analysis and its use for sorting data, the problem of k-means clustering, its application. There are also mentioned some final adjustments, which are used to achieve a better and more realistic results, for example, blurring the edges or micture Gaussian models. [1]
      This project is a design proposal for a residential design competition that was hosted in Bangalore [1]
      This thesis deals with the issue of repairing molds for die casting. Initially, the research aims to show the basic use of tool materials for those parts which come into contact with the melt. Then I would like to describe the mechanisms which are the cause of damaging the functional parts of the tools. The practical part of this thesis gives insight into the practice of dealing with repairs in TOOLS+ s.r.o., a company which has many years of experience with it. [1]
      This thesis focuses on sorting algorithm Samplesort [1]
      thixotropy, collagen, unsteady flow in pipe, hydraulic characteristics [1]
      ThO2, thorium, tepelná vodivost, UWB1, Serpent [1]
      ThO2, thorium, thermal conductivity, UWB1, Serpent [1]
      Thomson parabola spectrometer [1]
      Thomson Reuters Business Classification [1]
      Thomson scattering [1]
      Thomsonův rozptyl [1]
      thoracic spine [1]
      Thorax trauma [1]
      thorium, MSR, VVER-1000, HELIOS, MCNP5, erbium [1]
      thread [2]
      Thread forming screws,Automotive industry,tightening torque,seating torque,analytical formula [1]
      thread lockers [1]
      thread pool [1]
      thread tolerances [1]
      thread,screw,nut,preload,coefficient of friction [1]