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      C2000? LaunchPad, Code Composer, PCB, Formica 4.40 Layout, control of drive, DC motor, light emitting diode [1]
      C2X ,C2C, C2I, Cooperative systems, OBU, RSU, ITS, Telecommunications, Testing, Methodology [1]
      C2X, C2C, C2I, Kooperativní systémy, OBU, RSU, ITS, Telekomunikace, Testování, Metodologie [1]
      cabin crew, air transport, flight duty, flight duty period, violation of regulations [1]
      Cabin crew, flight attendants, turbulence, cabin crew training, inflight fire, safety risks, CRM, human factor, cost-benefit analysis, cabin crew working environment, history of cabin crew. [1]
      cable phase stability [1]
      cable simulator, simulation, railway, induced voltage, railway communication [1]
      cable tunnel,utility tunnel,visual inspection,survey,maintenance,condition assessment of the lining [1]
      cable winch, tractor winch, forestry extension, wood skidding, cable drum [1]
      Cable, joint, temination, analysis, fault, cable test [1]
      Cable, substation, corridor, line, thermal capacity, thermal resistance, losses, permissible current, overload, steady state [1]
      Cable,joint,termination,SAIFI,SAIDI,partial discharge,analysis,fault,smart grid [1]
      cable-driven parallel robot, redundant acutuators, tension distribution, Matlab, Arduino, RoboClaw [1]
      Cable-stayed bridge, estakade, girder construction, bridge cabels, prestressed reinforcment, pylon, SCIA Engineer [1]
      Cable-stayed bridge,chambre construction,girder bridge,bridge cabels,pylon,prestressed reinforcment [1]
      cable-stayed footbridge, steel structure, reinforced concrete bridge deck, project documentation [1]
      cableway, DC motor, synchronous motor, investment [1]
      CAD engine block design, gear calculation, Formula Student/SAE, rear suspension, rear suspension kinematics, FEM analysis, sequential gearbox [1]
      CAD model, radial turbine, B-spline, Rhinoceros, Rhinoscript [1]
      CAD model, radiální turbína, B-spline, Rhinoceros, Rhinoscript [1]