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      Klíčové slovo
      a coffee house,a library,Kácov [1]
      a cup,polypropylene,extrusion,plastic thermoforming,DSC,viscosity index [1]
      a didactic tool,cuticular documents,curriculum,didactic analysis,specific objectives,fundamentals,graphic arts,management print production,prepress,printing techno-logy [1]
      A family house at the Libocký Pond,Wooden construction [1]
      A feasibility study, net-present-value, price map, financial plan, analysis of the risks. [1]
      a multiphase flow,a biofiter,charakteristic of the filtering material [1]
      a posteriori error estimate, Darcy?s Law, numerical solution, partial differential equation, porous media flow, Sobolev space [1]
      A project, cancer tests, the probability of tumor, a marketing plan, a marketing mix, a product, an analysis, a development of a product, an expansion. [1]
      A public contract tenders,procurement,issues,law,regulations,contracts analysis [1]
      A territorial self-government,a municipality,a budget,a revenue,an expense,an indebtedness [1]
      A traffic telematics system, carbon monoxide and opacity, ventilation, intensity and speed of traffic flow, air velocity. [1]
      a trous [1]
      a warden, an extraordinary event, the Prison Service, psychological care [1]
      A-V shunt, arteriovenous shunt, hemodynamics, hydromechanics, hydrodynamics, pressure drop, pressure measurement, special hydraulic components. [1]
      A-V zkrat, arteriovenózní zkrat, hemodynamika, hydromechanika, hydrodynamika, tlaková ztráta, měření tlaku, zvláštní hydraulické prvky. [1]
      A/D converter, sampling, FPGA, multichannel data processing, Java [1]
      A/D převodník, vzorkování, FPGA, mnohakanálové zpracování dat, Java [1]
      a11y [1]
      A5/1, correlation, attack on cipher, stream cipher, LFSR [1]
      A5/1, korelační metoda, útok na šifru, proudová šifra, LFSR [1]